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Event Date Organisation Location Results
27th December Manx Harriers Ballannette SCS Relay
==> Overall Results 
==> Leg Times 
7th November IoM Veteran Athletes Castletown Syd Quirk Half Marathon (Run only) PDF
==> Unofficial Results

These are the times direct from the timing chip system + 2 adjustments for delays at railway crossing.  These are for information only and are not the official version.
Please note that Bib numbers assigned on the day were different to those advertised. E.g. If you ran under Bib 643 you will appear in these results as 543 etc....
2009/10 Manx Mountain Bike Club Various FINAL Series placings for 2009/10 Winter Handicap Series
31st October Manx Timing Solutions Kennaa

Autumn Trailquest
==> Link to Results 
==> Report

24th October Manx Mountain Bike Club Archallagan Plantation

Winter Cross Country 2-4-6 Series Round 1.
==> Link to Results  [Junior + Senior]
Note: Registration details incomplete so assumed start times and categories are based on  laps completed.
We will separate out the Juniors later this week...

17th October Southern Motorcycle  Club Carnagrie

Autumn Enduro
==> Link to Results

10th October Manx Mountain Bike Club Brookdale Plantation

Downhill - Round 6
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3rd October Manx Mountain Bike Club Chibbanagh Plantation

Cross Country Championship
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26th September IoM Veteran Athletes End to End Walk

==> Start Sheet [by name]
==> Start Sheet [by number]
==> Link to Results [post-event]

==> PDF Results/Additional Reports

26th September Shoprite TT Cycle Relay ==> Link to Results
19th Septemer Manx Mountain Bike Club Tholt-y-Will Plantation

Downhill Championship
==> Link to Results

12th September Manx Mountain Bike Club End to End Challenge Results
==> Start Sheet [by name]
==> Start Sheet [by number]
==> Link to Results
2nd September IoM Vintage Motorcycle Club Ramsey

Section Regularity Challenge
==> Link to Results

29th August Manx Mountain Bike Club Bradda Head

Cross Country Championships (Junior + Senior)
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8th August IoM Veteran Athletes Ramsey SalClear Marathon & Half Marathon
==> Start Sheet [as at 5/Aug]
==> Link to Results
1st August Ellan Vannin Ramsey Appleby Sportive
==> Results [Summary + Split times]
==> Alternative format [Overall & Category]
4th July Manx Timing Sulby Area Big Summer Trailquest
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==> Split Times
==> Full Event Write-Up
26th & 27th June Adventurous Experiences Ballabrooie Results after Saturday events
==> Final Results
[Factors applied to individual leg times:  Swim x 5 / Kayak x 1 / MTB x 2 / Hill run x 2, rope climb x 20].
==> Individual Leg Times
==> Team Times 
26th June Southern Motorcycle Club Carnagrie

==> Results

20th June Manx Mountain Bike Club Ballaugh Plantation

Downhill Round 4
==> Link to Results

19th June IoM Childrens Centre Coastal Footpath

Race The Sun [Relay]
==> Link to Results
==> Leg Results  [Shows each leg as a separate race - PDF]

19th & 20th June Loaghtan Loaded South Barrule Plantation

24-Hour Mountain Bike Lapped Enduro
==> Summary Results [First 15 laps detail only]
==> Full Results [Full Lap Breakdown - Widescreen version !!!]

13th June Manx Mountain Bike Club Archallagan Plantation

MTB Marathon Series Round 2
==> Link to Results

30th May Manx Mountain Bike Club Ballaspit

Downhill Round 3
==> Link to Results

3rd May Manx Mountain Bike Club Ballaugh/Tholt-y-Will Plantation

MTB Marathon Series Round 1 [No categories shown as large number of new entrants]
==> Link to Results

2nd May Manx Mountain Bike Club Arrasey Plantation

Downhill Round 2
==> Link to Results

25th April MTS

Badrine Area

Spring Trailquest
==> Link to Results [Overall & Category]
==> Splits
==> Checkpoint Statistics
==> Event Write-Up

11th April Manx Mountain Bike Club Ballaugh Plantation

Downhill Round 1
==> Results

5th April Southern Motorcycle Club


Easter Monday Enduro
==> Start Sheet
==> Link to Results
==> Splits [Shows individual lap times]

3rd April Manx Fell Runners Ramsey to Port Erin

Manx Mountain Marathon
==> Start sheet (Name order)
==> Start sheet (Number order)
==> Overall Results
==> Category Results
==> Splits
==> Team Results

2/3/4 April Manx Harriers

Port Erin / Peel / Douglas

Easter Athletics Festival 2010 All Results

27th March IoM Childrens Centre Sulby Claddaghs

Adventure Race (Run-Bike-Run)
==> Results

14th March Manx Mountain Bike Club

South Barrule Plantation

Winter Handicap Series - Round 5
==> Results [New results system]

7th February Manx Mountain Bike Club


Winter Handicap Series - Round 4
==> Junior Results
==> Senior Results

30th January MTS

South Barrule Area

Winter Nights Trailquest
==> Overall Results
==> Category Results
==> Results with split times
==> Results with controls Visited
==> Checkpoint analysis
==> Event Write-Up