Contact Us

Please use the email form at the bottom of the Home Page.  We will try to get back to you as soon as possible but please bear in mind that we get very busy, especially during the summer event season.  It would be helpful to give as much information in your email as possible (e.g. your name, contact details, race number, event, etc).  Please be patient as we do have other commitments as well.  Note that we may not have time to respond to all queries individually, so please check back later to see if corrections have been applied.

If your query relates to your time, score, etc for a specific event, please contact the event organiser in the first instance, as we cannot amend results without checking with them first!

We try to publish results from all events same-day and there is normally an amnesty period of 48 hours during which time any queries may be raised. We will endeavour to correct an anomalies (which are usually caused by non-technical issues) within that period. However, after 48 hours, results will be considered final.

If you wish to raise a query over league points, marshal bonus points, etc. Likewise, please route your query via the event/series organiser. Whilst we may calculate and publish series points etc on their behalf, we rely on information from them and cannot accept direct appeals from competitors!