We have a wide variety of equipment (as well as using our own software) which can be tailored to match your requirements.


The Race Result system is our flagship platform and we now use it for 95% of our events.

Cloud-based with immensely flexible software and features, the hardware is easy to deploy using interlocking detection mats or side-antennae mounted on tripods. Detection rates are second to none.
Decoder units have an 8-hour internal battery autonomy (which can be boosted to over 20 hours using our backup battery units) and may be deployed remotely with in-built GPS for time-synchronisation and GPRS modem for direct transmission of data to the cloud server. The same system will support both passive and active transponders, the lattter being suitable for higher speed disciplines such as road cycling, motorbike Enduro, etc.

The software may be configured to match any requirements and is immensely feature-rich.
Using this, we can offer integrated online entry, competitor management, real-time online results, online certificates and much more.

Transponders come in a wide range of options featuring both disposable and re-usable options. Chips may be embedded in the bib number or race plate, fixed to the ankle or shoe or even as a relay baton! 

We have six decoder units for use at local events and the facility to hire additional units as required for larger events.  This system gives us world-class capability at an affordable price that is scalable for both club and major events.
Race numbers may be supplied separately or with embedded transponders.
Graphics can be full 4-colour, which makes them perfect for inclusion of event and sponsor logos. They can even be printed with the competitor's name, club, category, etc!  This system may be used for a wide variety of events including: Mountain Biking, Road cycling, Walking, Running, Triathlon, etc.


Originally designed for use with orienteering events, the SPORTident system combines ease of use with portability.
Si-Cards (finger-sized "dibbers" or flat credit-card type chips) are carried by competitors, typically on wrist-bands or on neck lanyards.
Control boxes are the size of a betamax cassette and may be hand-held or mounted on a post, tree, etc.
When the dibber is popped into a hole on the control box, both the dibber and the control box record the "punch" date & time.
When either the dibber or the control box is downloaded, all punch times are sent to the timing software for processing.

Orienteering / Fell Running / Adventure Races

  • Simple to use.
  • Controls are self-contained and require minimum supervision.
  • Low cost of additional controls.
  • Well-suited to events that have multiple checkpoints.
  • Relatively foolproof.
  • Individual printouts may be produced showing all split times.
  • Competitors have to stop at controls to dib in at control boxes.
  • Controls cannot transmit passing data, so live results are not possible.
  • Dibbers are costly to replace if lost (£38).
In stock: We have 25 control boxes and 100 Si Cards. Additional cards may be hired-in for larger events.

Shown here is the P-Type flat card.

Tag Heuer

Photo-Cells (light-beam). Or Push-button operation.

  • Extremely high precision (1,000th second).
  • Start & finish linked by cable which also supports a headphone link between start & finish area.
  • Requires manual keying of race numbers to link start/finish times to competitors.
Suitable for:

Downhill Mountain Biking / Time Trial / Skiing and all races where competitors cross the finish line individually.



RC Transponders + Protime Decoders.

These are battery-powered transponders with a high degree of accuracy.
They are specifically designed for road cycling, where speeds may be high - up to 120kph.
Also suitable for Motorbike Enduro and any other fast-moving sport.
Can also be used for running, mountain biking, etc where IPICO is not suitable.
  • Very reliable.
  • Very accurate (1,000th second).
  • Can cope with fast-moving bunch finishes (e.g. road cycling races).
  • Start & finish will link wirelessly up to 3km.
  • Transponders are expensive to replace (£48).
  • Batteries need changing every 2 years.
  • Will not stand immersion in water.
  • Decoders are very expensive.
In stock: We have 2 x Decoders + wireless link. 160 Transponders (can hire additional if needed).


Tag Heuer HL940 Start Clock

Tripod-mounted professional start clock.

  • Free-standing.
  • Powered by internal battery.
  • GPS-enabled for precise time synchronisation.
  • Analog time of day clock face with second hand.
  • Digital count-down display.
  • Red-Amber-Green disc synchronises to count-down.
  • Audible 5 beeps + GO signal.
  • May be linked to light-beam & printer to confirm actual start times relative to planned start time.
  • May be used to show precision start time at any event, but most suitable for time trials or individual starts.
Tag Heuer HL960 Time-Clock
  • 6-digit mechanical display shows time of day / count up or count down time.
  • May also be linked to Tag Heuer software to show race time of competitor finishing, etc.
  • Can be operated stand-alone or linked to a computer, which may be used to control the clock function up to 50m away (linked by cable).
  • May be positioned at the start / finish line etc.
Race Result LED Time-Clock
  • 6-digit display shows time of day / count up or count down time.
  • High intensity LED display which works well in both day and night time conditions.
  • May be positioned at the start / finish line etc.
Race Result Finish Line Camera
  • High Resolution digital camera which is invaluable as a finish line backup during mass participation events.
  • Links into the Race Result timing software and shows synchronised images alongside time data.
Professional Finish Line clock / video recorder

Intended for use at events where visual confirmation finishing positions may be needed to override the raw result (e.g. sprint finishes).

  • The camera is mounted alongside the finish line and super-imposes cross-hairs over the image on a monitor.
  • A VHS recorder records all events at the finish line and may be replayed with frame by frame forward/reverse precision to allow judges to reach a verdict.
  • Complex to set up but invaluable at high-profile fast-moving events where a result may require additional corroboration.
  • Only used on request. Please ask us for details.