As well as offering a comprehensive timing and results service, we can also offer various ancilliary services that can assist with event preparation.

Online Entry

Many modern events now rely on an online entry system to collect entry details and to take payment.
This removes much of the burden of managing entries from the organiser, allowing them to concentrate on managing the event.
For events that are using the Race Result system, it makes sense to use the integrated online entry system, which eliminates the need to export/import data and means that we can be sure that all relevant data is captured up-front. This makes for a pain-free solution with minimal intervention required. All participant communications can be managed centrally.
We are happy to take entries from third-party systems provided that they reliably capture critical data items that are required for results production. We may charge extra where we have to convert or re-format data that does not meet our needs.

Labels Production

We can produce handy competitor sticky labels, 16 per A4 sheet, that include all pertinent competitor details. These can be affixed to envelopes and/or race numbers for easy identification. These can include next of kin details, emergency contact numbers, etc.
This is a big time saver when preparing registration packs etc.

Registration Sheets

These are printed on A4 and grouped by surname capiltal letter for ease of use at registration.
Sheets include your standard disclaimer text and list competitor details, including category and a signature box.

Competitor Reports

We can provide a variety of different competitor reports in name or bib number order.
These may be printed or provided as PDF's for distribution to marshals, spectators, etc.